OddGrooves Crazy Drumming


Get some MIDI for your drum sampler!

OddGrooves MIDI Libraries are royalty-free drum patterns in standard MIDI format, arranged for Toontrack EZdrummer/Superior Drummer and General MIDI. All grooves are played live by Berklee educated polyrythmic master drummer Magnus Brandell using a triggered drum kit.

This is where it gets really nuts, even for seasoned prog- and fusion geeks like ourselves. The Crazy Drumming pack contains 1800 files and includes the time signatures 3/8, 11/8, 13/8, 15/8, 17/8, 13/16, 15/16, and 19/16 in various playing styles (hihat and ride variations, tomtom grooves, sidestick, jams, fills etc).

Arranged for EZdrummer/Superior Drummer.

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